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Culebra is an ocean paradise.  Spending time on the water in Culebra is a must!  The energy of this island is derived from the sea. Exploring the coastline and the water are a very special way to discover the true energy of paradise. You will find white-sand beaches, coral beaches, cays, shallow and deep coral reefs and many rocky points surrounding Culebra.  


Beachfront property is protected from development and practically non-existent.  Playa Flamenco, Resaca, Brava and Zoni are four expansive ocean beaches, each beach is a mile long, pure sand, and incredibly beautiful.  Other beaches including Tamarindo, Melones, Larga, Punta Soldado and Carlos Rosario, as well as the the beaches on Luis Pena and Culebrita offer an incredible diversity of wildlife above and below the water and beautiful vistas.  There are two factors that have preserved the pristine beauty of Culebra.  They are the zoning regulations as mentioned above and the Leatherback Sea Turtles.  The Leatherbacks have used these main ocean beaches of Culebra as their nesting grounds for thousands of years.  Because they are on the endanger species list this has stopped the development of beachfront properties from occurring on these beaches.  It is what keeps Culebra very special.

Flamenco Beach
IMG_1533 2.jpg

IAmong the Top Ten most beautiful beaches in the world, with white sands and calm waters. The only beach that offers a large parking area, camping, showers and kiosks that sells food & drinks!

Melones Beach

As part of the Marine Reserve area, it features an abundance of marine life, soft corals and two great snorkeling spots. Closest to town.

Zoni Beach

A great view of the Atlantic Ocean, Cayo Norte, Culebrita and St. Thomas. Perfect for picnicking and reading a book. Preferred spot for turtle nesting.

Turtle Tamarindo.jpg

Perfect for a secluded picnic, swim, or snorkeling. This is the site of the majority of our Green & Hawksbill turtles in Culebra.

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